Ferienwohnung Schluchsee

Price List

Favourable holiday apartments at the black forest

Our guest house SEEWALD offers holiday apartments for a competitive price. All apartments are cozily and comfortably furnished and are equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette, shower bath, digital TV and WLAN for free.

guest house SSEWALD

Guest house SEEWALD

The prices (from 01.01.2019) per day/per apartment do include bedding cloth, towels, energy and final cleaning. In the case of less than 5 days occupancy the prices will rise by 10€/Day.

Holiday apartment 1         “MARBEL TREE”
4 person 5 person 6 Person
95 €/day 99 €/day 109 €/day
Holiday apartment 3            “FIR TREE”
2 person 3 person 4 person
65 €/day 79 €/day 82 €/day
Holiday apartment 4             “LARCH TREE”
2 Person
69 €/day
Holiday apartment 5           “BEECH TREE”
2 person 3 person
69 €/day 80 €/day
Holiday apartment 6            “SPRUCE TREE”
1 person 2 Person
60 €/day 60 €/day
Holiday apartment 7                 “OAK TREE”
1 person 2 Person
55 €/day 55 €/day

Local tax is 1,00 €/day and person for youngster 6-15 years old, 2,20 €/day and person for people > 16 years (from 01/2017)

Local tax includes the so called KONUS card, allowing FOC railway and bus services in the Black Forest.

Local tax has to be paid at arrival and is not included in the daily rent.